Nuclear Technicians:

Assist nuclear physicists, nuclear engineers, or other scientists in laboratory or production activities. May operate, maintain, or provide quality control for nuclear testing and research equipment. May monitor radiation.

Also includes

Nuclear Monitoring Technicians

About the Job

Indiana Average Salary
Average Time to Fill 0 days
Typical Education Post-secondary certificate or some college courses
Typical Experience
10 Year Projected Openings (2021-2031) 316
10 Year Expected Percentage Change (2021-2031) -12.34 %

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Skills Profile

Essential (Soft) Skills

Essential Skills to Employers

Attention to Detail
Work Ethic
Information Gathering
Following Directions

Top Job Duties and Responsibilities

Controlling Machines and Processes

Operate high energy linear accelerator
Operate nuclear power equipment
Operate power generation equipment
Operate auxiliary power plant equipment
Operate precision test equipment
Operate industrial testing equipment
Operate pneumatic tools
Operate processing equipment
Operate power or hand tools in laboratory environment
Operate radiologic equipment
Operate laboratory equipment
Operate cleaning equipment
Operate power driven pumps, equipment, or systems

Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Material

Test electrical or electronic systems or equipment
Test electrical or electronic wiring or fixtures
Test radiation levels of surrounding area
Test ambient levels of air quality, noise, or temperature
Test engineering project equipment
Inspect production equipment
Test materials to verify safety standards
Inspect facilities or equipment for regulatory, hazard, or fire code compliance

Getting Information

Interpret industrial, production, or manufacturing information from schematics or technical drawings
Read operating, service, or repair manuals associated with manufacturing or production equipment
Review industrial, production, or manufacturing codes and specifications
Review engineering data or reports
Conduct nuclear research
Collect scientific or technical data

Handling and Moving Objects

Adjust electrical or electronic equipment
Adjust industrial, manufacturing, or production equipment
Adjust medical or medical laboratory equipment
Mix chemicals safely according to instructions
Set-up laboratory or field equipment
Collect samples for analysis or testing
Prepare sample for laboratory testing, analysis, or microscopy

Monitor Processes, Materials, or Surroundings

Detect industrial, production, or manufacturing equipment malfunctions by listening for abnormalities
Monitor production or manufacturing equipment operation to detect problems
Monitor operating procedures of radiation producing equipment
Monitor operating conditions
Maintain safe work environment
Monitor operational procedures in technical environments to ensure conformance to standards
Monitor entrance or exit of persons

Equal Opportunity is the Law. (La Igualdad De Oportunidad Es La Ley.)
Equal Opportunity Employer/Program Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.